//WL2K Agua Verde

3 Responses

  1. Dori says:

    It sounds glorious!! Outside of the trash and spooky upright-underwater pants….that would have freaked me out a bit….xox

  2. Euphoria says:

    Stay in the waiting room and cruise around and ask if there is a mooring ball available. People own them but some put their boat up on the hard so the mooring is empty, very friendly and helpful people. We know the red boat from Edmonton, the first mooring I think. Stay out of the main anchorage, bad holding and the moorings are not safe. Say hi to Pedro for us, he runs the store and restaurant in the marina. We always buy our pork chops from him.

  3. Mario says:

    If you stop at Agua Verde on the way back, it’s a good place to find pin scallops. Look in chest deep water near sand/reef and you’ll see little “tacos” facing up in the sand. Grab, twist, and pull these out and they are the tops of huge cone-shaped bivalves. Break off the pointy end on a rock and you can get a little knife in there and take out a scallop.